Table 3.

Department of Health VTE risk assessment

Risk assessment criterian%
Significantly reduced mobility59358.7
Thrombosis risk (based on 593 patients with reduced mobility)
  Active cancer or cancer treatment6911.6
  Age >60 years58799.0
  Known thrombophilias20.3
  Obesity (BMI >30 kg/m2)8314.0
  One or more significant medical comorbiditiesa42571.7
  Personal history of VTE6010.1
  Use of hormone replacement therapy10.2
  Use of oestrogen-containing contraceptive therapy00.0
  Varicose veins with phlebitis20.3
  Pregnancy or <6 weeks postpartum00.0
Number with at least one thrombosis risk factor593100%
  • a Heart disease; metabolic, endocrine, or respiratory pathologies; acute infectious diseases; inflammatory conditions. BMI = body mass index. NM = not measured. VTE = venous thromboembolism.