Table 1.

Archive data: measures collected, from whom and at which time point

Data source/when completedPatientGP
Demographic surveyPre-visit surveyPost-visit surveyFollow-up surveyGP checklistGP survey
Same day as appointmentBefore appointmentStraight after appointment10 days after appointmentStraight after appointmentFirst day of data collection
MeasureNumber completed (% of consultations recorded)
n= 328 (98.2)an= 287 (85.9)n= 301 (90.1)n= 176 (52.7)n= 325 (97.3)n= 23 (100)
Patient demographics
Pre-visit expectations13
Control preferences scale14
Perceived influence over consultation outcome13
Health-related quality of life measure15
Perceptions of consultation outcome13 and decision making14
Perception of decision making16
Depth of doctor–patient relationship17
Recall of and adherence to treatment recommendations19
Patient beliefs about medicines20
GP clinical certainty of treatment plan21 and confidence in patient following treatment plan21
GP demographics
GP work-related burnout,20 stress, and job satisfaction23
  • a Percentages calculated from a total number of 334 (with the exception of the GP survey in the final column).