Table 2

Changes in recording of cardiovascular risk factors for patients in the year before and the year after publication of the National Service Framework for Coronary Heart Disease.

Number who had value recorded in previous yearPercentage of totalNumber who had value recorded in previous yearPercentage of totalAbsolute percentage increase in annual recordingP-value for changea
Group A: CHD or stroke(n = 5193)(n = 5784)
 Blood pressure326062.8399369.06.30.240
 Body mass index133225.6218437.812.10.002
 Smoking habits117122.5224638.816.30.001
 Family history3907.597216.89.3<0.001
 Serum cholesterol147128.3276347.819.40.001
 Total items recorded in 1 year76241215859.5b
Group B: diabetes or hypertension(n = 7288)(n = 8374)
 Blood pressure545574.8623174.4−0.40.930
 Body mass index240433.0324338.75.70.038
 Smoking habits171223.5302336.112.6<0.001
 Family history6789.3116513.94.60.011
 Serum cholesterol131818.1256630.612.60.001
 Total items recorded in 1 year11 56716 22840.3b
Group C: remaining population(n = 42 086)(n = 42 827)
 Blood pressure10 96226.01287130.14.00.029
 Body mass index620114.7732517.12.40.162
 Smoking habits588414.0810918.95.00.006
 Family history37498.9444910.41.50.291
 Serum cholesterol10272.417284.01.60.006
 Total items recorded in 1 year27 8233448223.9b
Overall total47 01462 86833.7
  • a P-value from corrected χ2 test, taking clustering by practice into account.

  • b Relative increase in recording. CHD = coronary heart disease.