Table 5

Age-standardised prevalence per 10 000 by ICD9 chapter VII, VIII, IX and X and major disease group; percentage difference of WRS relative to MSGP4.

ICD9 chapter and morbidityICD9 CodeSPR% diffSPR% diff
Chapter VII
Hypertensive disease401–405528+34712+39
Ischaemic heart disease410–414233149
 Acute myocardial infarction41033−2417
Other forms of heart disease420–429135126−22
 Heart failure42858−3759−48
Cerebrovascular disease430–4386867
Diseases of arteries arterioles and capillaries440–44847−2946
Varicose veins of lower extremities45450−2092−26
Chapter VIII
Respiratory infections — acute460–4661569−222149−21
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease490–496457−18488−7
Chapter IX
Diseases of oesophagus stomach duodenum530–537250−30280−27
Hernia of abdominal cavity550–5539553
Chapter X
Urinary systems disease other590–599161590−7
Male genital organ diseases600–608253+28
 Orchitis and epididymitis60439+30
Other disorders of breast610–61117164−20
Inflammatory disease of female pelvic organs614–616104−48
 Genital prolapse61840
  • See Table 2 for explanatory footnotes.