Table 2

Age standardised prevalence per 10 000 persons by ICD9 chapter: MSGP4 and WRS: percentage difference between surveys.

ICD9 chapterMalesFemales
ICD9 CodeMSGP4WRS% diffMSGP4WRS% diff
I, Infectious and parasitic diseases001–1391095847−2315961099−31
II, Neoplasms140–239202264+31296352+19
III, Endocrine nutritional and metabolic disorders240–279328436+33468537+15
IV, Diseases of blood forming organs280–2895661148124−16
V, Mental disorders290–319518625+21970964
VI, Diseases of the nervous system and sense organs320–38915341338−1319081663−13
VII, Diseases of the circulatory system390–4599291018+1010901186+9
VIII, Diseases of the respiratory system460–51926842166−1933542745−18
IX, Diseases of the digestive system520–579784685−13992866−13
X, Diseases of the genitourinary system580–629368446+2118961545−19
XII, Diseases of skin, subcutaneous tissue680–70912591348+716111672+4
XIII, Diseases of musculoskeletal system710–73913551412+418121899+5
XIV, Congenital anomalies740–75952385239
XV, Certain conditions of perinatal origin760–77912111110
XVII, Injury and poisoning800–9991349969−281435980−32
  • % diff = percentage difference where confidence intervals do not overlap. ICD9 = International Classification of Disease version 9. MSGP4 = Morbity Statistics from General Practice, Fourth National Study. SPR = sex-specific, age-standardised prevalence rates. WRS = Weekly Returns Service.