Table 4

Age-standardised prevalence per 10 000 by ICD9 chapters V–VI and major disease group; percentage difference of WRS relative to MSGP4.

MorbidityICD9 CodeSPR% diffSPR% diff
Chapter V
Organic psychotic conditions290–2942238
Psychoses (other)295–29970+23119+16
 Affective psychoses29650+32102+21
Neurotic personality and other mental disorders300–316393−14614−29
 Neurotic disorders300177−14427−9
 Sexual deviations and disorders30286+2588
 Depressive disorder NEC31178+22177+10
Chapter VI
Parkinson's disease3321512
Multiple sclerosis340512
Disorders of the eye and adnexa360–379489−11660−10
 Disorders of conjunctiva372284−17374−19
Diseases of the ear and mastoid process380–389771−20845−18
 Disorders of external ear380360−18338−18
 Nonsuppurative otitis media and eustachian tube disorders381172−43206−40
 Suppurative and unspecified otitis media382150153
  • NEC = not elsewhere classified. See Table 2 for all other explanatory footnotes.