Table 4

Odds ratios and confidence intervals of ‘GPs assessment of insufficiency of consultation time’, calculated by a multilevel logistic regression model.

Assessment of insufficiency of time
VariableOdds ratio95% CI
Type of consultation:
 Somatic diagnosis, somatic background1a
 Psychological or social diagnosis1.880.98 to 3.62
 Somatic diagnosis, psychological background2.06b1.23 to 3.45
Consultation length (minutes)1.19c1.13 to 1.24
Number of diagnoses1.59b1.19 to 2.14
  • n = 1392.

  • a Reference group;

  • b Significant (P<0.05);

  • b Significant (P<0.01);

  • c Significant (P<0.001).