Table 1

Characteristics of subjects in the initial and final samples.

Initial sample (n = 318)Final sample (n = 190)
Mean age in years (range)41.46 (17–86)42.76 (17–86)
Male (%)43.743.2
Living in staffed accommodation (%)45.653.7a
Mean ABSb score (range)171.21 (14–304)166.90 (31–304)
Triad of social impairmentsc (%)33.037.9d
Challenging behaviour(%)14.816.3
Indication of mental illnesse (%)45.943.4
  • a Significant between group difference at P<0.001.

  • b ABS = Adaptive Behaviour Scale,13 a measure of presence/absence of independent skills.

  • c The triad of social impairments are characteristic of autism spectrum disorder.27

  • d Significant between group difference at P<0.05.

  • e Meeting threshold levels on the Psychopathology Instrument for Mentally Retarded Adults;17