Table 2

Previously unidentified health needs found and subsequent action.

Newly identified health needTotal casesManagement completed/in progressNo management
Potential health needs arising from health promotion screening (disease confirmed)Glucose found in urine (Confirmed as diabetes)4 (2)3 (2)1
Thyroid function test (Confirmed as hypothyroid)22 (2)202
Mammography indicated (Breast cancer confirmed)1 (1)1 (1)0
Problems with behaviour, medication and otherSuspected dementia110
Behaviour problem110
Mobility problem550
Skin problem12120
Dental problem110
Medication change necessary220
Medication blood levels to be monitored211
Problems with sensory impairmentVision difficulties770
Eye infection110
Hearing difficulties220
Blocked ear wax46415
Ear canal inflamed (otitis externa)110
Respiratory systemAsthma110
Difficulty breathing (dyspnoea)101
Unusual lung sounds110
Cardiovascular systemCardiovascular monitoring necessary110
Systolic murmur220
High blood pressure440
High cholesterol330
Digestive systemDisordered digestion (dyspepsia)110
Weight loss110
Genitourinary systemPainful urination (dysuria)101
Urinary tract infection440
Blood found in urine (haematuria)440
GynaecologicalPost-menstrual bleeding110
Painful menstruation (dysmenorrhoea)110
Total number of medical problems identified14713314