Table 2

Numbers of women recruited to each group; numbers of women who start breastfeeding and who are still breastfeeding at each time interval until 16 weeks. Data shown for all four strata combined.

Control groupPeer support group
n%n%Difference (%)95% CI
 started6053.16154.51.4−11.7 to 14.4
 at 10 days4640.74641.10.4−12.5 to 13.2
 at 6 weeks3329.23531.32.0−10.0 to 14.0
 6 weeks exclusivea2421.22724.12.9−8.1 to 13.8
 8 weeks exclusive1614.22320.56.4−3.5 to 16.2
 16 weeks2017.72623.25.5−5.0 to 16.0
 16 weeks exclusive00.021.81.8−0.7 to 4.2
No formulab by 16 weeks98.01614.36.3−1.9 to 14.5
  • a Exclusive means no other feeding apart from breastfeeding.

  • b No formula by 16 weeks means baby breastfed, not given formula, but solids introduced by 16 weeks.