Patient:·hhhh er:m my spine's never actually been checked out./and I feel (.) that (.) maybe it should be
CodeConcern (shows non specific concern)/Criticism (patient shows criticism)
Doctor:Mmm Hmm?
CodeBack Channel (doctor only code — non directive encourager to indicate attention/desire to hear more)
Patient:But er:m I basically I need some advice off you? ·hhhhhh
Code?Service (appeals to the doctors authority for a service or medication — patient only)
CodeAgree (shows agreement or understanding)
Patient:Er:m I:::'m (0.4) still in u (0.4) on the er medication that they give me (.) tramodol:: hydrochloride.
CodeGives-Thera (gives information about treatment)
Doctor:[[ Mmm hmm?
CodeBack Channel
Patient:[[·hhhhh erm >I'm still experiencing pain.< (.) in my lower to mid back.
CodeGives-Med (gives information relating to symptoms or medical history)
  • Transcription key: ·hhh = inspiration each h representing 0.2 seconds of time. (.) = pause of less than 0.2 seconds. (0.4) = pause with the number of seconds recorded. [[ = Both parties start to talk together. >I'm still< = utterance spoken faster than the rest. I:::'m = prolonged utterance each colon representing 0.2 seconds of time.? = rising intonation. . = falling intonation. back = stressed word or syllable.