Table 3

Results of multivariate linear regression model to measure the effect of resistance on number of days with any one symptom after adjusting for significant risk factors.

% increase in number of days with any one symptoma compared to those sensitive to all antibiotics
Resistant to antibiotic prescribedSensitive to antibiotic prescribed
P-valueIncrease (95% CI)P-valueIncrease (95% CI)
Resistant to trimethoprimb<0.00156 (25 to 94)<0.00170 (30 to 123)
Resistant to ampicillinb<0.00172 (39 to 114)0.669−3 (−16 to 12)
Resistant to at least one antibiotic0.00160 (30 to 97)0.9431 (−13 to 16)
  • a Adjusted for sex, comorbidity, previous bladder operation and previous catheterisation.

  • b Strains resistant to both trimethoprim and ampicillin were included in both analyses.