Table 3

Clinical pathway for patients (n = 56) not referred to the diagnostic investigation after first consultation.

Clinical pathwayn%
Acutely admitted
 With new severe symptoms610.7
 With aggravation of symptoms814.3
Referred to an outpatient clinic with respiratory physicians58.9
Referred to a diagnosing chest X-ray after
 Initial treatment for a lung infection1221.4
 Initial treatment for another disease47.1
 Initial investigations that did not explain the patient's symptoms23.6
 A series of investigations for another tentative diagnosis712.5
 Development of symptoms of pneumonia35.4
 Returning with new symptoms after no follow up on initial symptoms58.9
 A chest X-ray that shows pneumonia11.8
Referred to a bone scintigraphy11.8
Repeating acute admissions11.8
Missing information11.8