Table 1

GPs' out-of-hours referral rates in quartiles.

QuartilesReferral rate, %UOR (95% CI)AOR (95% CI)
Lowest quartile4.1 (289/7139)1.00 (RG)1.00 (RG)
Second quartile7.4 (795/10813)1.88 (1.62 to 2.19)1.80 (1.56 to 2.08)
Third quartile10.9 (1028/9412)2.91 (2.51 to 3.36)2.75 (2.38 to 3.17)
Highest quartile17.3 (1113/6444)4.95 (4.15 to 5.90)4.56 (3.86 to 5.38)
  • Referral rates (referrals/face-to-face consultations) in the four referral rate quartiles together with the odds ratios of being referred during a consultation if seen by a GP in each of these referral quartiles compared with the lowest referring quartile. AORs are those controlling for sex of GP and time and place of the consultation. On unadjusted and adjusted analyses P<0.001. AOR = adjusted odds ratio. RG = reference group. UOR = unadjusted odds ratio.