Table 3

Appointments offered.

Advanced Access?
Yes (n = 162)bNo (n = 79)b
Staff memberMean number of appointmentsMean number of appointmentsDifference95% CIP-value
GP Appointments
 Pre-bookable34.451.7−17.32−25.13 to −9.51<0.001
 Same day24.310.214.128.61 to 19.64<0.001
 Total59.161.8−2.72−10.31 to 4.870.481
Nurse practitioners
 Pre-bookable5.75.7−0.03−4.14 to 4.070.907
 Same day0.70.60.04−0.66 to 0.750.867
 Total6.46.4−0.03−4.49 to 4.420.988
Other nurse
 Pre-bookable25.536.3−10.83−17.55 to −4.120.002
 Same day3. to 4.000.021
 Total29.337.5−8.19−15.38 to −1.010.026
Same-day appointments28.312.016.3210.05 to 22.58<0.001
 Total appointments offered97.6106.3−8.76−21.28 to 3.750.169
 Unscheduled consultations7.65.71.84−2.00 to 5.680.345
  • Denominators vary because of missing data. In calculating same day appointments and total appointments practices were only included if they provided data for all relevant variables.

  • b Four practices did not respond to the question about use of Advanced Access. Figures are mean number (SD) of appointments per 1000 registered patients.