Table 5

Segmented random effects probit model (reduced model)

Variableβ coefficient(SE)Willingness to wait (days) (MRS)
Days to appointment0.0993c(0.0072)
Choice of doctor0.1491b(0.0494)0.9075
‘Time to appointment’
 New problem × days to appointment−0.0159a(0.0073)0.0968
 Long-standing physical problem × days to appointment−0.0204a(0.0074)0.1241
 Psychological problem × days to appointment0.0313a(0.0111)0.1905
 Appointment for a child × days to appointment−0.0364a(0.0169)0.2215
 Appointment for another person × days to appointment−0.0408a(0.0149)0.2483
 Working × days to appointment−0.0212b(0.0069)0.1290
 Age 61–70 × days to appointment0.0384c(0.0102)0.2337
‘Choice of time’
 Emergency appointment × choice of time−0.1467a(0.0601)0.8929
 Appointment for another person × choice of time0.2426a(0.1072)1.4766
 Working × choice of time0.1268b(0.0387)0.7717
‘Choice of doctor’
 Sex × choice of doctor0.2818c(0.0490)1.7152
 Emergency appointment × choice of doctor−0.2238c(0.0597)1.3621
 Long-standing physical problem × choice of doctor0.1541b(0.0504)0.9379
 Age 51–60 × choice of doctor0.1622a(0.0634)0.9872
 Age 61–70 × choice of doctor0.2278b(0.0753)1.3865
 Age >70 × choice of doctor0.3930c(0.0977)2.3919
Log likelihood−3549.5281
Number of observations6614
Number of individuals1080
Pseudo R20.244d
  • a P<0.05

  • b P<0.005

  • c P<0.001

  • d McFaddens R2.

  • MRS = marginal rate of substitution.

  • SE = standard error.