Table 2

Results of the primary and secondary outcomes at 3 months.

OutcomeControl GroupIntervention GroupEstimate of difference between groups (95% CI)P-value
CSQ General satisfaction score50.2358.158.31 (1.33 to 15.30)0.023
CSQ_ Total score224.76254.0730.31 (0.66 to 59.96)0.046
CSQ_ Professional aspects of the consultations31.1032.561.54 (−1.28 to 4.36)0.26
CSQ_ Depth of the relationship with the health professional52.2354.322.49 (−5.21 to 10.19)0.50
CSQ_ Perceived duration of the consultation40.0850.189.65 (0.46 to 18.84)0.04
CSQ_ Provision of information51.0958.327.35 (0.03 to 14.66)0.049
Total CORE6.066.60-0.35 (−1.22 to 0.52)0.41
Use of the voluntary sector (odds and odds ratio) (0.91 to 3.54)0.09
  • Difference in the reported mean values or odds for each group do not equal the difference reported in the table because the latter accounts for clustering at the practice level, and also accounts for the patient baseline value where available. CSQ = consultation satisfaction questionnaire.