Table 5

Differences between least and most deprived quintiles: performance of training and group practices, selected QOF indicators, 2005–2006.

Difference between quintiles, %
QOF indicatorAll practicesGroup practicesTraining practices
Medicines 7: identify and follow up SMI patients who do not attend their injectable neuroleptic appointment20.516.811.9
Information 7: surgery open ≥45 hours/week16.211.09.2
Education 7: practice has conducted ≥12 significant event audits in last 3 years12.59.44.2
Epilepsy 4: seizure free for ≥12 months12.211.510.2
Mental health 5: on lithium and serum level in therapeutic range12.07.43.3
  • QOF = Quality and Outcomes Framework. SMI = severe mental illness.