Table 1

Children's characteristics.

VariablesDerivation studya (n = 256)Validation studya (n = 156)
 Median age, months (IQR)21 (9 to 35)24 (12 to 37)
 Sex, male5154
 Ethnicity, white8275
 Mean Townsend deprivation score2.182.0
 Attends day care, nursery or school4458
 Lives with a resident smoker4736
Clinical history
 Mean number of preschool children per session7.14.7
 Mean number recruited per session2.10.8
 GP consultations in the preceding yearb
  (> 4)3435
 Cough was main reason for consultation6666
 Median duration of cough prior to recruitment, days57
 First clinician contact for the cough7182
 Personal history of atopyc2932
 Family history of atopyd6260
Clinician assessing child
 GP only9695
Clinical examination
 Illness severity
 Abnormal chest signs2226
 Formal thermometry2420
 Fever (clinical judgment or thermometry)1112
Clinical diagnosis
 Classification of cough: URTIe7477
Post consultation cough duration
 Days taken for proportion to resolve
 Proportion with reconsultations1923
 Proportion with complications1012
  • a Results as % unless stated.

  • b Excluding prior consultations for this cough episode.

  • c Atopy refers to asthma, eczema, or hay fever.

  • d Family history in any first-degree relative.

  • e Upper-respiratory tract infection.