Appendix 2

Becoming pregnant: summaries of the pathways to pregnancy — Nadine.

  • 1st Pregnancy: Diabetic since childhood, had insulin pump from 2005. Attended pre-conception counseling which was off putting, ‘… because initially I went to a preconception assessment and it was … well, I was petrified after that point really’. Joined internet forum for pregnant women with diabetes ‘… just to reassure myself really that it's actually not that bad’, also requested information from Diabetes UK, and searched for information on pregnancy and diabetes online. Began taking folic acid, decreased alcohol and came off contraceptive pill, became pregnant 8–9 months later. Told would not be seen at hospital until 16 weeks, so had private scan at 9 weeks ‘… because I wanted to just know that things were going OK.’ Checks blood sugars 12–18 times a day. No complications, size of fetus in 50th percentile, has been told unlikely to be induced.