Appendix 3

Becoming pregnant: summaries of the pathways to pregnancy — Caitlyn.

  • 1st Pregnancy: Wanted to become pregnant, came off contraceptive pill. ‘Well I wanted to so I sort of planned for it but I didn't do any of the tablets or anything like that.’ Felt very uncertain about what to expect. ‘I think I just didn't have a clue. The first time was sort of like I was very young and I didn't even know what to expect really. I just went along with it’. No complications, blood sugars well controlled.

    Outcome: Live birth

  • 2nd Pregnancy: Wasn't using contraception ‘I think I just sort of ran out of pills and so it was my own fault’. Did not control or check sugars as much as previous pregnancy. ‘It didn't go on for very long and so … I can't remember how many weeks I was because that wasn't planned and I didn't do as much as I would have done, or I should have done probably … I wasn't as controlled as I was with the first pregnancy.’

    Outcome: Miscarriage

  • 3rd Pregnancy: Saw GP after decision to come off contraceptive pill to check everything was ok before becoming pregnant. ‘I saw him when I first came off the pill just to sort of check that everything was all right and he did all the blood tests and that … so there was somebody there saying “It's all right'’.’ No complications with pregnancy so far. ‘My sugars have been fine and I had a scan it was just a perfect weight and I know with my last one, she was 3 kilos, so she wasn't a big baby and so that will remain good.’ Feels confident and happy with the pregnancy so far.