Table 4

Factors independently associated with accurate knowledge of antibiotic effectiveness.

FactorOdds ratio (95% confidence interval)
Female1.54 (1.17 to 2.04)
Level of education
 Low1.00 (reference)
 Medium1.79 (1.30 to 2.47)
 High3.03 (2.11 to 4.36)
Acknowledgement of developing bacterial resistance3.18 (1.75 to 5.79)
Use of antibiotics at any time2.12 (1.38 to 3.25)
Received or searched for information on antibiotics during the past 12 monthsa1.50 (1.12 to 2.01)
  • a Information obtained from doctor, pharmacist, pharmacy, patient leaflet, the internet, or the media.