Table 1

Recognition forms of the 20 recognised children.

ChildaParental concernType of disorderbType of referralc
SDQ caseness
    AYesLDPaediatrics and EP
    FYesED and CDCAMHS
    HNoCDAlready under CAMHS
    INoADHDAlready under CAMHS
    JNoAsperger's syndromeAlready under CAMHS
No SDQ caseness
    TNoED and ticsCAMHS
  • aEach row reflects an individual child (letters A to T).

  • bGP's view about type of disorder: LD = learning disability; CD = conduct disorder; ED = emotional disorder; ADHD = attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • cGP's decision about referral: EP = educational psychologist; CAMHS = child and adolescent mental health services. SDQ = strengths and difficulties questionnaire.