Table 2

Secondary outcomes: mean values for participants who visited at least once after randomisation.

Control groupActive groupMean difference (95% CI)P-value χ2
MiniAQLQ scorea
 Change1.021.370.35 (−0.3 to 1)P = 0.3
ACQ scorea
 Change−0.65−0.800.15 (−0.5 to 0.7)P = 0.6
FEV1 (L)
 Difference between baseline and average0.050.050.01 (−0.2 to 0.2)P = 0.9
 Difference between baseline and final FEV10.040.050.01 (−0.2 to 0.2)P = 0.9
Number of participants visiting GP/total number of GP visits6/125/6P = 0.27
Number of participants prescribed oral steroids/total number of oral steroid courses3/64/6P = 0.63
  • a Increase in the MiniAQLQ score and a reduction in the ACQ score denotes improved asthma control. MiniAQLQ = Mini Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire. ACQ = Asthma Control Questionnaire. FEV1 = Forced expiratory volume in 1 second.