Appendix 1

Becoming pregnant: summaries of the pathways to pregnancy — Louise.

  • 1st Pregnancy: Became pregnant 2 weeks after being diagnosed as diabetic. ‘I was pregnant and the doctors and all my family talked me into having an abortion.’

    Outcome: Abortion

  • 2nd Pregnancy: Wanted to get pregnant as a result of losing first baby ‘… I just wanted a baby and because I lost it [previous pregnancy], I deliberately caught pregnant with [son]’. Ignored medical advice about blood sugar levels. ‘I didn't have a clue really because I hadn't spent any time where … you know … listening to what they said about having a baby and getting your sugars right. I didn't listen to them. I just went ahead and did it.’ Induced at 36 weeks, emergency caesarean section, baby taken to special care.

    Outcome: Child adopted

  • 3rd Pregnancy: Wasn't using contraception as didn't think she could get pregnant again ‘… so I thought naturally I couldn't have any more kids because they'd be taken off me straightaway, so … I don't know what went through my head to be honest. I just believed that I couldn't get pregnant again.’

    Outcome: Ectopic pregnancy diagnosed at laparoscopy

  • 4th Pregnancy: Pregnancy a result of a ‘one night stand’. Good glycaemic control. Elective caesarean section. ‘I was more determined to do everything right and I did. They said my sugars were brilliant, I'd done really well and he was fine.’

    Outcome: Live birth

  • 5th Pregnancy: Not using contraception. ‘So when I went to the doctor's he said “I know what's wrong with you — you're pregnant” and I was in shock because even though I weren't using anything, I was still shocked that I actually was.’

    Outcome: Miscarriage

  • 6th Pregnancy: Not using contraception, but didn't want to become pregnant. ‘… I didn't want to be pregnant because I thought it was the wrong time. I didn't feel very well. My sugars were playing up and I was finding it hard to deal with [son].’ No complications so far.

    Planned caesarean section.