Table 4

Proportions of consultations with the single doctor, two doctors, and three doctors consulted most frequently by the patient in the last year of life.

Percentage continuity with n most frequently seen doctor(s)
na1 doctor mean (range)2 doctors mean (range)3 doctors mean (range)
Overall15259.3 (19.2–100)79.9 (32.0–100)87.3 (40.0–100)
Cancer10659.8 (19.2–100)77.7 (32.0–100)87.1 (40.0–100)
Cardiorespiratory disease4658.0 (23.3–100)78.5 (42.3–100)87.8 (56.6–100)
  • aTwo people who died with malignant disease had no recorded consultations with their practice in their last year of life.