Table 1

Categories of symptoms and diagnoses per clinical entity (with International Classification of Primary Care code).

Clinical entitySymptomsDiagnoses
Upper respiratory tract
EarEarache (H01)Acute otitis media (H71)
Hearing complaints (H02)Serous otitis media (H72)
Discharge from ear (H04)Eustachian salpingitis (H73)
Other symptoms/complaints of ear (H29)Chronic otitis media (H74)
Perforation tympanic membrane (H77)
Upper respiratory tractSneezing/nasal congestion (R07)Upper respiratory tract infection/head cold (R74)
Other symptoms of nose (R08)Other infections respiratory system (R83)
SinusSymptoms/complaints sinus (R09)Sinusitis acute/chronic (R75)
ThroatSymptoms/complaints throat (R21)Tonsillitis acute (R76)
Symptoms/complaints tonsils (R22)Acute laryngitis/tracheitis/croup (R77)
Hypertrophy/chronic infection tonsils (R90)
Lower respiratory tract
PneumoniaPneumonia (R81)
Cough/bronchitisaPain attributed to respiratory system (R01)Whooping cough (R71)
Dyspnea (R02)Strep-throat/scarlet fever (R72)
Wheezing (R03)Acute bronchitis/bronchiolitis (R78)
Cough (R05)
Abnormal sputum/phlegm (R25)Chronic bronchitis (R79 or R91)
Exacerbation asthma/COPDCodes as stated above by cough/bronchitis in patients with asthma or COPD combined with codes COPD (R95) or asthma (R96)
  • a In patients not diagnosed as having asthma or COPD.