Table 3

Predicting attendance for MMR vaccination at 2 years.a

βExp (B) odds ratioP-value95% confidence intervals
Sex of parent−0.010.990.990.31 to 3.1
Age of parent−0.040.960.230.91 to 1.02
Number of children0.021.020.910.72 to 1.45
Previous vaccination1.444.240.0012.22 to 8.09
Single parent−0.320.730.450.32 to 1.67
Homeowner0.041.050.910.48 to 2.28
Employed−0.130.880.680.47 to 1.6
Encouragement from others0.411.510.160.85 to 2.68
Perceived risk of illness0.171.180.580.65 to 2.1
Guilt about consequences0.011.010.970.66 to 1.55
Experience of issues−0.150.860.50.56 to 1.32
Faith in the media0.862.370.011.28 to 4.38
Faith in the medical profession0.581.780.021.11 to 2.87
Belief that vaccination is unhealthy−0.730.480.0020.29 to 0.77
  • aLogistic regression was used for 397 (77.7%) who attended versus 114 (22.3%) who did not attend. Highlighted text indicates significance.