Table 2

Predictive models using GHQ items.

Predictors of psychological disturbancePredictors of time spent in consultation
GHQ itemsβaP-valueβaP-value
 A1 in good health----
 A2 need good tonic--0.0820.02
 A3 run down----
 A4 felt ill----
 A5 pains in head----
 A6 tightness in head----
 A7 hot and cold spells----
Anxiety and insomnia
 B1 lost sleep/worry----
 B2 difficulty staying awake0.0920.02--
 B3 under strain0.1420.002--
 B4 edgy/bad tempered−0.1260.003--
 B5 scared/panicky----
 B6 getting on top of you----
 B7 nervous/strung up--0.1220.003
Social dysfunction
 C1 keep busy0.0790.02--
 C2 taking longer----
 C3 doing things well----
 C4 satisfied with tasks----
 C5 playing part----
 C6 capable of decisions----
 C7 enjoy activities----
Severe depression
 D1 self worthless----
 D2 life hopeless0.1780.0010.1250.008
 D3 life not worth living----
 D4 suicide thoughts--0.0880.04
 D5 nerves too bad0.1440.001--
 D6 wishing dead----
 D7 taking own life0.0970.01--
  • aStandardised coefficients. GHQ = general health questionnaire.