Table 1

Matched pairs.

GPNurse practitioner
1.Woman with painful foot1.Woman with painful foot
2.Woman with painful neck2.Woman with pain in ear
3.Woman with anxiety and depression to discuss medication3.Woman unhappy with Prozac
4.Woman with headache and sickness (side effects of contraceptive pill)4.Woman with rash on arms
5.Woman with cold and sore throat5.Woman with tonsillitis symptoms
6.Man with rash on hands6.Man with sore, bleeding nose (due to fume inhalation)
7.Woman with rash on head and neck7.Woman with rash on arms and legs
8.Man with painful sinuses8.Woman with sinusitis and cold symptoms
9.Woman with cold symptoms and chest pain9.Woman with chest pains and asthma
10.Man with sore, swollen finger10.Man with lump on neck
11.Girl with sore eye11.Girl with sore eye
12.Teenage boy with sore throat and cough12.Teenage boy with sore throat
13.Boy with painful foot13.Boy with sore eye
14.Girl with constipation14.Girl with breathing difficulties and rash
15.Girl with nausea and headache15.Girl with temperature and sore throat
16.Girl with thrush16.Girl with sore throat and enlarged tonsils
17.Baby (male) with mouth ulcers17.Baby (female) with coughing and temperature
18.Girl with temperature and vomiting18.Girl with persistent cough