Table 1

Key steps in long-term weight-loss maintenance.

Steps for weight maintenance after weight reductionAdditional health benefits
Regular exercise (around 1 hour daily to maintain significant weight loss; weight constancy would require less)Improves all aspects of health, such as reduced stroke, diabetic, and osteoporosis risks, and improved self-esteem
Regular breakfast consumptionReduces hunger and tendency to snack; improves nutritional balance of diet, for example, folate and fibre intake
Eating low-calorie, low-fat foodsGenerally linked to higher fresh produce intake and hence better nutritional balance and fibre intake
Regular weighing, most daysReduces sense of denial about overweight and obesity; reduces fear of weighing
Consistent eating patterns on weekdays and weekendsPromotes better satiety and reduces hunger and chaotic eating patterns that may be linked to high-calorie intake and episodes of loss of control over eating, or binge-eating episodes