Table 1

Practice characteristics.

Practice characteristicsMean (SD) and/or %
 North of Englanda29.8%
 South of Englandc50.8%
Longer appointment durationd94.7%
GP sex: female32.6% (28.3)
GP country of qualification: UK67.2% (38.6)
GP age: <45 years33.5% (31.3)
Training practice28.2%
Group practice76.1%
Practice list size6398 (3844)
List per full-time equivalent GP2190 (721)
Practice population characteristics
Patient morbidity: limiting long-term illnesse18.6% (4.4)
Patient ethnicity: whitef87.7% (18.4)
Index of Multiple Deprivation 2004 scoreg25.5 (16.9)
Practice prescribing descriptors
Number of antibiotic prescriptions per antibiotic STAR-PU0.71 (0.18)
Number of antibiotic STAR-PUs5489 (3315)
  • a Strategic health authorities: North East, North West, Yorkshire, and the Humber.

  • b Strategic health authorities: East Midlands, West Midlands.

  • c Strategic health authorities: East of England, London, South East Coast, South Central, South West.

  • d Routine booked appointments at least 10 minutes and/or open surgery appointments at least 8 minutes.

  • e Percentage of people who perceive themselves to have a limiting long-term illness, health problem, or disability which limits their daily activities or the work they can do.

  • f Includes all white British, Europeans, north Americans, and South Africans.

  • g Includes deprivation in seven domains: income, employment, health deprivation and disability, education and skills training, barriers to housing and services, living environment, and crime. STAR-PU = Specific Therapeutic group Age–sex weightings-Related Prescribing Units.