Table 2

Associations between standardised antibiotic prescribing volume and predictor variables.

VariableUnstandardised regression coefficient, B95% CI
Practice characteristics
 North of England0.120.11 to 0.13
 Midlands0.070.06 to 0.08
 South of England = reference variableNot applicableNot applicable
Longer appointment duration–0.12–0.14 to –0.10
GP sex: female–0.11–0.12 to –0.10
GP country of qualification: UK–0.06–0.07 to –0.05
GP age: <45 years–0.08–0.09 to –0.07
Training practice–0.05–0.06 to –0.04
Group practice–0.02–0.03 to –0.01
Practice list size–0.002–0.003 to 0.000
List per full-time equivalent GP0.002–0.003 to 0.008
Practice population characteristics
 Patient morbidity: limiting long-term illness1.211.13 to 1.31
 Patient ethnicity: white0.150.13 to 0.17
 Index of Multiple Deprivation 2004 score0.0010.001 to 0.002