Table 1

National representativeness of first English pilot cohort.a

nMeanSD10th percentileMedian90th percentile
Overall QOF achievement 2006–2007
  Cohort 1a2891.14.485.491.395.9
SOA Index of Multiple Deprivation 2007
  Cohort 12826.816.87.122.958.5
List size 2006
 England8352642239652238559011 784
  Cohort 128647347172534492412 500
  • a In England the practices were drawn from the following 12 primary care trusts: Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, Bury, Enfield, Haringey, Kirklees, North Somerset, Nottinghamshire County, Oldham, Somerset, South East Essex, and Stockport. QOF = Quality and Outcomes Framework. SD = standard deviation. SOA = super output area.