Table 1

Characteristics of GPs and palliative care patients

Characteristics of participantsResults
GPs (n = 20)
Sex, n
Mean age (range), years49.5 (36–59)
Mean cinical work experience (range), years17.7 (5–31)
Practice location area, n
Group or single-handed practice, n
 Group practice17
 Single-handed practice3
Working part-time or full-time, n
GP vocational trainers, n
Very experienced in palliative care, n
Palliative care patients (n = 6)
Sex, n
Mean age (range), years62 (48–77)
Living alone/with partner
 With partner3
 Diagnosis: cancer6
 Condition: moderate6
ADL independent
Satisfied with care from their GP
 Mixed feelings2
  • ADL = activities of daily life.