Appendix 2

Characteristics of included studies

StudyCountryDesignNumber recruitedaNumber eligiblePatients with colorectal cancer, n (%)Reference standard
Bellentani etal, 199030ItalyProspective consecutive25425410(3.9)Colonoscopy or double-contrast barium enema, follow-up at 2 months
Carlsson etal, 200115SwedenProspective cohort379285 (17.8)Not reported; several cancers examined
du Toit etal, 200612UKProspective cohort26526515(5.7)Colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy or rigid sigmoidoscopy with barium enema
Ellis and Thompson, 200520UKProspective cohort31931911 (3.4)Colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, barium enema and 18 months’ follow-up
Farrus etal, 200013SpainProspective cohort112872 (2.3)Colonoscopy
Fijten etal, 199521NetherlandsProspective consecutive2692699 (3.3)Colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, X-ray, ultrasonography, follow-up 15-25 months
Hamilton et al, 200527UKMatched case-control20932093349(16.7)Histology or strong clinical evidence
Hamilton et al, 200829UKMatched case-control1369713 6973183 (23.2)Not reported in THINb database
Hamilton et al, 200928UKMatched case-control4379143 7915477 (12.5)Not reported in THIN database
Heintze et al, 200517GermanyProspective cohort42242217(4.0); 3 in situColonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, ultrasonography
Helfand etal, 199714USAProspective cohort29720113 (6.5)Rigid sigmoidoscopy with biopsy, and double-contrast barium enema, follow-up 6 and 12 months
Jones et al, 200718UKRetrospective cohort1531415 289338(2.2)Not reported
Lucas etal, 199632UKRetrospective cohort1301309(6.9)Colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, biopsy, barium enema, follow-up 2 years
Mant etal, 198922AustraliaProspective cohort24814515 (10.3)Histology, colonoscopy, follow-up 15-25 months
Metcalf etal, 199623UKProspective cohort119998(8.1)Histology, colonoscopy
Muris etal, 199331NetherlandsProspective consecutive5785783(0.5)Colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, X-ray, ultrasonography, follow-up 15 months
Muris etal, 199516NetherlandsProspective cohort9339334 (0.4)Endoscopy, other confirmatory tests not reported, follow-up at least 1 year
Norrelund and Norrelund, 199619DenmarkProspective consecutiveS1 208; S2 209208; 20932(15.4); 25(12.0)Histology, colonoscopy, barium enema, annual follow-up
Panzuto et al, 200311ItalyProspective consecutive28028041 (14.6)Histology, colonoscopy or double-contrast barium enema
Robertson et al, 200624UKProspective cohort60460422 (3.6)Cancer registry, flexible sigmoidoscopy
Sanchez et al, 200525SpainProspective cohort1261046(5.8)Colonoscopy
Wauters etal, 200026BelgiumRetrospective cohort38638627(7.0)Histology, follow-up 18-30 months
Yates etal, 200433UKProspective randomised43143137 (8.6)Histology
  • a Number of patients recruited for study

  • b The Health Improvement Network