Table 3

Change in demand for practices providing various time periods relative to those not providing extended hours

Change in demand for appointments before 8 amChange in demand for appointments after 6.30 pmChange in demand for appointments on Saturday
Relative (absolute)Relative (absolute)Relative (absolute)
Not providing extended hours (n= 191)0% (+3%)0% (+8%)0% (+21%)
Providing any extended hours time period (n = 405)0% (+3%)-1%(+7%)-2% (+19%)
Providing the relevant time period (n = 87,a313,b 134c)0% (+3%)-1% (+7%)-4% (+17%)d
Providing extended hours other than the relevant time periods (n = 318,a 92,b 271c)0% (+3%)0% (+8%)−1% (+20%)
  • Total 596 practices, 405 providing extended hours, 191 do not. Of practices providing requested hours:

  • a do so before 8 am;

  • b after 6.30 pm; and

  • c on Saturday. Some practices provide additional appointments in more than one time period resulting in total periods exceeding total practices. Average absolute demand has risen for all time periods between 2007/2008 and 2008/2009; probably not a true increase, but owing to changes in the wording and structure of the questionnaires. Relative demand is the value compared to practices not providing extended hours (first row).

  • d Only provision of Saturday appointments significantly lowered the relative demand for Saturday (P<0.001).