Table 1

Self-reported prevalence of the presence of risk factors and rCBG and mean risk factors by sex

All participantsMaleFemale
Risk factorn%n%n%
Age and family history20720.76517.914222.2
Age and BMI42442.316545.525940.5
Age and waist sizea36936.811832.525139.3
Mental illness202.071.9132.0
Raised cholesterol23323.39526.213821.6
Gestational diabetes131.3132.0
Large baby (>4 kg)15415.415424.1
Polcystic ovary syndrome181.8182.8
Symptoms of diabetes53153.019152.634053.2
Ocular signs70.751.420.3
Mean age, years54.455.154.0
Mean rCBG, mmol/la5.785.915.70
Mean number of risk factorsa2.282.132.37
  • a P<0.05 between sex. BMI = body mass index. IFG = impaired fasting glucose. IGT = impaired glucose tolerance. rCBG = random capillary blood glucose.