Table 4

Multivariable regression analysisa

IRRSE95% CIP-value
Practice characteristics
 Smoking prevalence1.00610.00171.0028 to 1.0094<0.001
 Deprivation (IMD 2004)1.00720.00091.0054 to 1.0089<0.001
 Observed stroke prevalence1.06040.00581.0491 to 1.0718<0.001
 Undiagnosed stroke prevalence0.96400.00880.9468 to 0.9815<0.001
 GPs/100 000 practice population1.00040.00021.0000 to 1.00010.037
QOF achievement
 Stroke 8b0.99760.00040.9968 to 0.9984<0.001
 Patient Experience 8c0.99950.00020.9992 to 0.99980.003
  • a Stepwise Poisson regression, dependent variable: observed admission count.

  • b Stroke 8: Percentage of patients with TIA or stroke whose last measured total cholesterol is ≤5 mmol/l.

  • c Patient Experience 8: score for ability to book an appointment with a GP more than 2 days ahead.

  • IMD = Index of Multiple Deprivation. IRR = incidence rate ration. SE = standard error. TIA = transient ischaemic attack.