Table 1

Reasons for choice of guideline topics.

Topic for moduleReasonsGuidelines available
Chronic kidney disease stage 3 in adultsRecently introduced into the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) for the GP contract.16Chronic kidney disease in adults: UK guidelines for identification, management and referral.20
New laboratory reporting recently introduced in UK.
Personal communication from GPs, nurse practitioners, and nephrologists suggest that optimal management in primary care has not yet been achieved.
As the introduction of laboratory testing to detect chronic kidney disease stage 3 is recent in the UK, publications on compliance with guidelines are lacking
Coeliac disease in adultsEvidence suggests it is under-diagnosed.21Guidance for the management of patients with coeliac disease.22
Many practices do not have structured follow-up for patients with coeliac disease.The management of adults with coeliac disease in primary care.23
Significant health gains would result from developing practice monitoring protocols
Urinary tract infection in adultsAn informal significant event analysis, performed at a meeting of GPs and practice nurses, demonstrated that the majority of participants were not following guideline recommendations; the majority were over-prescribing.Management of suspected bacterial urine infection in adults.24
At least one Scottish laboratory is seeing a year-on-year increase in catheter specimens of urine (personal communication)