Table 2

Mapping of themes.

Safety/quality of careClinical responsibility
Knowing the patient
Importance of seeing the patient
Concerns whether the patient is able to describe symptoms adequately
Concerns the doctor fails to ask something important
Appropriate use of telephone consulting
Perceived riskiness of telephone consulting
Fear of litigation
Safety netting
Continuity of care
Use of emergency face-to-face consulting as alternative to telephone consulting
Access to carePerception of telephone consulting as facilitator or barrier to access
Demographically disadvantaged
Demographically advantaged
Patient choice
Urban/rural differences
Impact on workloadViews on overall impact on workload
Impact on patients' time
Content of telephone consultingDepth of enquiry
Length of consultation
Number of problems
Social speech/humour
Empathy/ reassurance
Technical/organisational issuesOrganisation of telephone consulting
Physical barriers
Mobile phones