Table 2

Advice given to GPs

Advice givenn%
Continue routine follow-up57633.1
Improve control of high blood pressure57633.1
Reduce antihypertensives for low blood pressure533.0
Refer to nephrology services1035.9
Investigations for anaemia1428.2
Statin therapy for dyslipidaemia694.0
Advice to stop potentially nephrotoxic drugsa1207.5
Repeat eGFR and refer if necessary985.6
Management of hypocalcaemia392.2
Management of hypercalcaemia342.0
Follow-up of non UTI-related haematuria643.7
Potassium management261.5
Phosphate management60.3
Mild proteinuria to be rechecked in 6 months130.8
  • eGFR = estimated glomerular filtration rate. UTI = urinary tract infection.

  • a NSAIDs = 116.