Table 3

Multivariate analysis of the risk of adverse drug events

FactorsORP-value95% CI
Age1.0010.811(0.96 to 1.005)
Sex: female/male1.3070.001(1.110 to 1.538)
Low morbidityReference
Moderate morbidity4.246<0.001(3.079 to 5.855)
High morbidity17.577<0.001(12.229 to 25.265)
Very high morbidity45.264<0.001(26.977 to 75.948)
Number of different specialties1.195<0.001(1.116 to 1.280)
Number of visits to family physician1.0130.008(1.003 to 1.023)
Polypharmacya: yes/no1.3440.003(1.106 to 1.634)
  • OR = odds ratio. RUB = resource utilisation band.12 aSix or more different active compounds in at least 1 month.