Table 4

Number of words coded (providers’ words only)a

CodeInterpretedEnglishMean difference95% CIP-value
Misunderstanding4843527 to –45ns
Check understanding1035–25
Questions7761071–295–754 to 166ns
Health education74773512–551 to 575ns
Motivation148299151–401 to 99ns
Praise63165102–223 to 18ns
Patworld162505–343–577 to –1080.005
1. Humour38199–151–216 to –84<0.001
2. Lifeworld88268–180–362 to 3ns
3. Feelings63161–98–189 to –60.037
4. Employment056–56–165 to 53ns
All clinical20852536–451–1617 to 715ns
1. Blood tests80171–91–198 to 16ns
2. BP19014248–116 to 211ns
3. Cholesterol13010426–70 to 122ns
4. Exercise25019555–148 to 259ns
5. Eyes19749148–92 to 387ns
6. Feet83812–109 to 113ns
7. Flu601941–30 to 112ns
8. Food308350–42–318 to 232ns
9. Kidney6476–12–91 to 66ns
10. Medications6381051–413–1224 to 399ns
11. Smoke3359–26–115 to 63ns
12. Sugar and HbA1c9731255–282–1271 to 708ns
13. Urine test827111–73 to 93ns
14. Weight162252–90–309 to 128ns
Medical other128306–178–366 to 10.3ns
Interpreted consultations only
Meaning changed222
Talk not translated2225
  • BP = blood pressure. HbA1c = glycosylated haemoglobin. ns = not significant. Patworld = patient world.

  • a Numbers show averages per consultation.