Table 1

Items included in the cost-effectiveness analysis

ItemCost, £
Questionnaire pack (per patient)a
 Invitation letter0.0041
 Consent form0.0041
 Pre-paid envelope0.0041
Reminders (per patient)a
 Reminder letter0.0041
 Administrationb (per patient)3.00
Spirometry (per patient)c
 Nurse (per spirometry)8.50
 Spirometry filter1.00
 Spirometry mouthpiece4.79
Fixed costsd
 Microloop spirometer1552.60
Fixed costs per year over the lifetime of the equipmentf
 Microloop spirometer343.87
  • a Costs from Sandwell Primary Care Trust.

  • b Based on NHS Band 4 Point 11 assuming on average 30 minutes per patient for writing letters, data entry, answering queries, and booking spirometry and follow-up.

  • c Costs from recruited general practice.

  • d Cost from Medisave.

  • e Medix AC2000 Nebuliser.

  • f Assuming 5-year lifetime of equipment.