Professionals’ appraisalProfessionals’ appraisal
Assessment not resulting in a quantitative cut-off scoreAssessment not resulting in a quantitative cut-off score
Not incorporated in the routine of daily practiceBecoming aware of the seriousness of the situation of some frail older patients
Organising home visit for assessment in the second step is time consumingProvides starting points for further intervention
An implementation protocol is missingNormally you only focus on domains where there are problems, but now you have to check out all domains of functioning
Contacting an informal caregiver is difficultIt makes the GP aware of the diversity of problems that may be present in older patients
Patients may give socially desirable answersIt will motivate patients to consult a GP sooner
Too little experience with frailty in older people; therefore it is hard to make the final judgement on frailtyIt enhances patient satisfaction