Table 2

The different ways a first patient concern is introduced.

ExampleFace-to-face consultation, n (%)Telephone consultation, n (%)
Doctors make direct enquiries
“Example24 (75)17 (52)
 D:come in
 D:have a seat
 D:well (.) what can we do for you?
 P:well (.) you know I was up here before . I had the Morton's neuroma
Doctors give indirect signals
Example3 (9)10 (30)
 D:hello . it's Dr Macintyre here from the health centre
 P:[oh yes
 D:[got a message to pho:ne Olivia McDonald
 P:right . aye . it's . it's for my daughter . she's e:m (.) I spoke to the health visitor this morning [she suggested I speak to you
 D:[oh right
 P:em . she had a wee eye infection
Patients initiate disclosure
Example5 (16)4 (12)
 D:hello: . Mrs Haston?
 P:oh hello do[ctor Devine
 D: [hi there
 P:[thank you for calling me back
 D:[hi there
 D:[no problems
 P:[((inbreath)) . e- . I'm just wondering if you've had any: more progress in . in . erm (.) you know . in in . [in getting me the: patches for the Lide .
 D:[about the patches
 P:Lidocaine patches
Doctors give test results
Example2 (6)
 ((opening missing))
 D:whether or not you would mind if we record . the conversation
 P:no probl[em
 D: [is that alright with yo[u?
 P:   [ye:s
 D:is that alright? . [(alri(h)ght hh hh hh hh)
 P:  [(?that's oka:y)
 D:well . having done that then . I . I just wanted to catch up with you . two things really . cos your bloods results are back
 D:I was pleased with them all really