Table 1

Examples of statements on structural barriers to care in general practice of patients with HIV.

StatementsAgree, % (n)Undecided,% (n)Disagree, % (n)
‘I am sure I can distinguish between HIV illness and other illnesses’30 (37)47 (58)23 (28)
‘I feel there is currently adequate training offered to allow GPs to look after HIV patients’28 (34)30 (37)43 (53)
‘I do not feel we should take on any extra care of HIV patients unless we get specific reimbursement’54 (67)29 (36)14 (18)
‘I feel there is adequate communication between HIV specialists and primary care’47 (58)20 (24)33 (42)
  • Maximum number of missing responses for any statement was 2% (n = 3).