Table 4

Safety-net and follow-up arrangements.

ExampleFace-to-face consultation, nTelephone consultation, n
Follow-up arrangements only
 D:right . so . I'll leave a prescription at the desk?
 D:and . shall we: . talk this whole thing through again: . what? . late September?
 P:right . okay
Follow-up arrangements and safety-net advice
 D:yeah . I mean . th- . th- then I would probably say y- . you know . that it . you know . getting a stool sample kind of and probably having a wee look there as well would be worthwhile . just having a feel of her tummy and things like that but . (unclear) very much on how she is in herself and if there's any concerns particularly with . you know . any acute pain
 D:anything abnormal in the stool . [any blood or mucus or
 P:   [right
 D:anyth[ing like that . and . any . if there's any problems
 P: [aha
 D:with her drinking . you know . any kind of dehydration .
obviously you need to get back in touch with us
Safety-net advice
 D:well . we'll just . go with that . I don't think you'll need antibiotics . [eh (unclear)
 P:    [alright . should I put Sudocrem on it just to
 D:yeah . that would be fine . [I was gonna say see how it is
 P:   [yeah cos
 D:over the next twenty four [or forty eight hours . if you
 P:   [right
 D:think it's recollecting or you think there's more problems with it . then please please please speak . eh . back to me