Table 3

The different ways additional concerns are introduced.

ExampleFace-to-face consultation, n (%)Telephone consultation, n (%)
Patient discloses additional concern in response to additional enquiry by doctor after first problem has been dealt with
Example7 (28)1 (20)
 D:[we'll just leave your medicines as they are
 P:[well I thought I'd better let you see
 D:so that's okay . and what's happened with your neuroma then?
 P:well . it's fine
Patient announces two concerns in response to opening enquiry by doctor and additional concern is reintroduced by doctor or patient after first problem has been dealt with
Example6 (24)
 D:what can I do for you?
 P:ahm . basically ahm . just wanted to come in for a check-up and I'm also on the last packet of my Microgynon pill
Patient discloses additional concern after first concern has been dealt with
Example12 (48)4 (80)
 D:with anything like this . keep an eye on it if there's changes happening there in the skin or on the foot
 D:or it's changing just . or anything that happens elsewhere in the body for example let's have another look at it
 P:that's . really got nothing to do with it . see that wee bump there?
 P:I've had that for about 4 years